Siccura Guard

Your Tally Data, Your Business
Protect it with Siccura Guard

What Happens In The Business, Stays Within The Business

Siccura Guard is a simple to use solution that keeps your Tally data under your control.

Thief Proof

Lock locally stored Tally data from data thieves. Block employees from moving, editing, or copying data without permission.

Ransomeware Proof

Convert locally stored Tally data files into unrecognisable formats that cannot be detected by Ransoware. If Ransomware locks your device, you have an added layer of security as your Tally data is automatically backed up on Siccura Cloud​

Spy Proof

Siccura guard locks and hides your tally files, preventing people from accessing it. ​

Mistake or Disaster Proof

Remotely destroy Tally data if devices are stolen or compromised. Automatically back up every Tally file, you're fully covered in case of file corruption or loss of device

Secret and Invisible

Make Tally folders invisible and put an end to unauthorised access to your business data. Only access Tally files through a password protected secret area within Siccura

Business Protection At An Affordable Price